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Acupressure for eye strain question

Hello - for the past few months I’ve been suffering from eyestrain. I suspect some of the root was from an accident 1.5 years ago, when my inner left eye muscles suffered trauma (was walking in the night, walked into an iron rebar pole, it scraped the inner left eye socket). Initially vision recovered after 2 days from intense swelling, but six months later I began to note eye strain – swelling in area that was afflicted, leading to light sensitivity in correlation to vision sharpness; occasional soreness and pain. I was working a lot on the computer during this time due to covid / work at home. Seems much more sensitive under florescent lights in stores and workplace. In the spring it was particularly bad / blurry; I went to an eye doctor and was told the eye was fine per x-rays of eye, vision in left eye was 20/25, though that might have been distorted due to lighting in office. Doctor told me she worked with the eye itself, not the muscles around.

I’ve begun investigating eye stretches and eye acupressure to help deal with whatever the issue & strengthen the muscles that might have been weakened by the accident, along with reducing screen time and sleeping 8 hrs a night (before, I averaged 6). With acupressure, I’ve read one must press lightly / not push down until their is pain. When I even lightly press on Zan Zhu, there is immediate pain and I have to press extremely lightly to reduce it to just the pressure point itself. My question is: is this the correct way to apply the pressure? Firm pressure on all the points except Cheng Gi result in some level of soreness or pain.

My actual eyesight does not seem to have been affected, though it varies more significantly due to lighting conditions, and the muscles in that one area of initial impact feel more sore. Other than eye stretches and massaging these points, is there any other tactics I should consider? (I eat healthy).

Edit 1: Yesterday I was in a building, watching my daughter at a concert dress recital. Lights made the performers faces fuzzy. I performed the stretches and eye massage for a couple minutes, and the faces clarified to what I would normally “expect.” This makes me suspect the muscles themselves are reacting poorly to the light. I’ve noticed this in other situations.

Edit: I started getting a floater in this eye in the last month or so. This floater has existed for at least a couple of years, but now it is more obvious and seems to emerge when the eye strain feels like a faint ‘spasm.’ Hard to describe. The floater disappears if I flick my eyes to the right.

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