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what foods/herbs are good for descending energy. i normally feel heaviness in my chest that completely goes away 2 hours after i press KD1 point. Is there any herb or food that i can use after every meal that works with the KD1 point, that help descending the energy, Lv3 + Li4 + Kd1 works for me. Is there any report/book that shows what food descent energy and what foods ascend energy. Is there any theory in TCM about avoiding some kind of foods during the treatment. Like most of the times i feel heaviness in my chest, so what kind of foods should i avoid and what food should i use more often, and i want to have some herb with me that i can use after every meal that help keep the energy descended.

Is there any specific theory about how hard to press a point, because when i press KD1 point with my fingers the effects are very limited but when i press it hard with some other thing and hard the effects are strong and fast. And are the effects are immediate after pressing a point, because after the acupressure i feel the effects almost after 2 hours.


I am just going to comment on the techniques on pressing on acupoints. Sometimes objects (sharp enough to press down the skin to the chi level but not puncturing or damaging the skin!) do work better but it is also important to know how hard you press. The Chi flows at a certain level inside body and this level also changes for example according to the seasons. Generally in the winter the chi moves deeper inside the body because the body changes into a 'storage mode' so apply a little stronger pressure during the colder seasons. In the summer the chi moves closer to the surface of the body and a lesser pressure will work better.

The best way really is to keep experimenting and feel when you achive the best effects and hold your pressure there for 15-20 minutes - preferably while laying down on a bed or couch. If you're not ill, ST36 is a good point to practice with because it is just a general Chi tonifying point so does no harm, howere don't over do it either. Maybe 2-3 times a week. I too played with it for a few months before I got the pressure down.


For a general description of the therapeutic actions of foods you can read the related section within the TCM Nutrition article (near the bottom of the article). With relatively high states of anxiety energy will tend to collect in the chest and/or head. The points you are using serve to both disperse ( LI 4 and LV3, together the "four gates") and descend ( KD 1 ) energy.

Dietary changes will be helpful, but acupressure, acupuncture, herbs, and/or qi gong will be necessary to stop this process from happening. Chamomile tea may be helpful after meals as it helps both digestive issues and anxiety.

Everything else the previous poster says about stimulation of the points with acupress is correct.


If you are looking for advice on food energetics then one of the best people to look up would be a guy called Daverick Legget(t)?

I did read an article once about foods that are particularly good for helping Liver Qi stagnation and one of the foods on the list was Broccoli. According to one of my lecturers, when i was at university studying acupuncture, Peppermint tea is also considered to be good for helping to alleviate the stagnation symptoms. You should also avoid eating too much at once as this will only increase the stagnation of qi.


The fruit name crataegus can very fast descent food energy from your stomach.

The seeds of radish(tea) can very fast descent the meat energy from your stomach.

The point of Ren12 area pressure can release full of food feeling from your stomach which can cause heart burn or heavy chest feeling.

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