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ACU point UB15


Hi, I study massage therapy and TCM is included in our studies, last night I massaged a relative and he complained of discomfort at the back area, I've pressed on a point he showed me with more pressure than usually and he experienced rather powerful emotional relieve, later after research I've discovered I have applied a lot of pressure on UB 15, am guessing this caused the emotional experience as it is heart SHU.

Did I do the right thing? Is it possible to hurt someone if pressing these points too hard?

Thanks for your answer. Milly, Australia


That's a good question. I'm curious, however, why you would associate a seemingly positive emotional release with the possibility of hurting someone? Were you just surprised by the release? or did the person see it as a negative experience?

You can, in theory, hurt someone by pressing too hard anywhere (not just at acupuncture points), particularly if you don't understand the anatomy underneath. With regards to getting a response from the points, however, harder does not equal more of a response - many times the opposite is true. More than likely, the person was simply responding emotionally to touch, not necessarily to any actions of the heart shu point. This is common and as a future therapist you will experience this quite often.


Yes, I agree with Chad, I do acupressure and you only apply a 'mild but firm' pressure on most points (some do require stronger but some also lighter depending on the tissue). Stronger pressure does not mean stronger effects. The chi flows at a certain dept under the skin and you only press as hard as to regulate the flow of it. There are some changes such as the seasonal changes when for example during the summer the chi is generally closer to the surface and in the winter it moves to deeper levels.

You should learn these techniques from a qualified instructor and with time and practice the theraputic effects will be maximized.


Hi Chad and Blade, thanks guys so much for your valuable points, yeah, I guess I should learn the techniques properly B4 I do something with acu points, true is that I actually thought it was a hypertonic section of a muscle and needed loosening up, but after what happened I contacted you :) I was surprised by the em. release Chad as you pointed out and because that person complained of pain, I associated that with me doing the wrong thing..

Thanks again, Milly


You're welcome Milly. As a massage therapist you should have an advantage leaning acupressure which will be a great addition to your practice.

Tibor K. (Blade)

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