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Acu point sp5


Submitted By: Vidhya ghopu

sir, Many of my guides instruct us that the point sp5 is a cleansing point that clears or dissolves any sort of blocks caused due to phlegm,fluid , cyst even cholestrol.kindly clarify.


SP 5 is a common point to resolve excess syndromes of the spleen (i.e. dampness). It is the metal point (child point of earth) - therefore it reduces excess problems such as bloating, borborygmus, etc. It is both tonifying and reducing at the same time and therefore may be used for conditions of an exterior origin. As a jing-river point it is useful for resolving dampness within the muscle layer (arthritis, tendon issues, etc.) and exterior conditions. SP 3 would be more strengthening and SP 9 would be considered to clear more dampness - in my mind SP 5 is generally somewhere between these two in function.


Sir,Great thanks for clarification.

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