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Acu for Peroneal nerve impingement?


Wondering if anyone has any experience treating Peroneal nerve impingement? Patient diagnosed with nerve tests as having peroneal nerve impingment. Experiencing complete numbness starting at ST-36, GB-34 area. Numbeness extends down GB and ST channels, crosses over to solely ST channel at approximately GB-37 and extends to dorsum of foot and second and third toes.

Patient is very active with excercise and dance. Gluts and hamstring are fairly tight. Patient hyperextedned knee two years ago. Knee and leg feels somewhat cold compared to the other side

I haven't formulated a zang fu diagnosis because this seems mostly channel related (perhaps this is in error?). Basically, the thought is that this is qi stagnation in the gluts/hip and in the knee area (due to prior injury).

Tx thus far has focused on hip and hamstring ah shi pts (BL, GB channels), Ah shis on thight and lower leg GB points, and GB-34, ST-36 areas. Just two treatments thus far, but no signs of improvement.

Any insight would be appreciated.


Are you treating (or have a preference for) face up or face down or both during the treatment? Do you also do tuina? In general while ashi points are useful treat more broadly - so treat the low back (the origination of the innervation down the legs), treat the scalp (the bodies perception of pain), treat the circulation (the blood flow and tendon nourishment into the legs), use more points in the area (not just ashi) - so UB 40, LV 8, etc. that get more nourishment from the back into that general area.

Tuina would be very important along the back and down through the leg, cupping might be useful as well both locally and/or again to facilitate circulation more strongly.


Thank you for your response Chad. Thus far I&#39ve been treating face down for treatment, but can do either. And yes, I do tuina; last session has half an hour of it before needles were inserted. I will take your advice under advisement, especially the cupping (that has just occured to me as probably being useful).

thanks again, and thanks for your work on this sight-it&#39s been quite valuable to me since I first became interested in Chinese medicine.

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