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Actupuncture is more than a placebo!


Hi every one,

My name is Shawnna Martin and I am a 19 year old, full time college student. I guess I wanted to make sure to get my story out so that others who are curious or a skeptic about acupuncture can hear from a real person.

About 2 months ago I began acupunture treatment for lower back pain, also besides the acupunture I have a huge array of those health problems... depression, generalized anxiety disorder, digestive problems, horrible period cramps, constant tiredness, mood swings, head aches, dizziness, and there are a few more... anyways when I went to Brooke I just went in hopes of curing back pain that had come out of no where and was dibilitating. It was so bad I couldn't move without being in pain and even sleeping was hard to do.

At my first appointment we focused on my back and after one treatment I was already feeling so much better, 2 months later my back pain is 100% under control and guess what? Many of the problems I had before are gone too! I am currently taking herbs so I can wean off of my anti-depressant medications and go a more holistic route. I still have a problem with my constant fatigue (a problem with my spleen chi) and we are currently working on that in my sessions. I was doubtful when I first made my appointment but didnt want my doctor to just hand me a bottle of pain killers and tell me to take one when I am in pain. I am so happy with acupunture and would encourage everyone to try it!



Thank you for your story Shawnna. It is certainly valuable for others to hear your experience with acupuncture and the changes that have happened since you started with acupuncture. There is often more that happens with "acupuncture" treatments that people don't expect when starting out. Outside of the procedure helping them, the recommendations for dietary change, lifestyle change, moving from harsher western medications to more systemically beneficial herbal formulas, etc. put people on a better path that serves them well in the future. This helps to make all the changes a permanent part of their life instead of having relapsing symptoms. I'm glad to hear that you are doing well and thank you again for your story!

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