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Acne during ovulation and before menses


Hello there , i have been wondering for a while why do i get acne on my chin during ovulation and before my period comes , add to that the dark circles around my eyes worsen ,help please


Acne that is tied in with a woman's menstrual cycle is most often from the TCM pattern Liver Qi Stagnation which leads to what we call heat in the blood. As heat tends to rise in the body, the acne tends to surface on the face, upper back, or chest areas.


I agree with Chad in that it sounds like blood heat due to liver Qi stagnation, and it sounds to me that the rings around your eyes are due to qi deficiency

Kidney qi deficiency to be more specific. the kidney controls the uterus and kidney essence is the is the origin for the creation of tian gui which is menstrual blood

therefore as tian gui leaves the body, kidney qi becomes deficient resulting in dark rings around the eyes

the treatment principle would then be to cool the blood to remove the heat, soothe the liver to remove stagnation, and nourish the kidney's to remove the rings

having said this however, it is my opinion that supplementing chong mai will need to be added to any treatment principle as chong mai is the sea of blood and supplies blood to the uterus and controlls the all stages of menstruation


I really need to know what had gotten on me since 3 years ago when i started taking clomid and utrogeston to try conceive a baby because since then not only i had no kids but i also developed killing pains at almost all my joints when my periode is about to come and feel like my tendons specialy near the ankle and knee were about to burst from heat and pain , is it because the liver is overload with hormons or what?

If possible i would appreciate detailed answer.

Thank you


You need to see a licensed professional to get clear answers to these types of questions. I can assure you your liver is not overloaded with hormones, but certainly hormonal treatments do not come without risks to your body. That said, without seeing you personally and knowing your entire case -no one- can tell you what your problems are. Along those lines, even if we can provide you with insight, it doesn't equal actual treatment.

From the other questions that you have asked it seems you have a number of issues that would respond well to acupuncture treatment. If you are receiving treatment and not getting the results or the clarification that you need, I recommend that you find another practitioner.


The problem is that there is no such a licensed professional where i live or even in my country as far as i know , we can find who practice cupping therapy but i doubt they can make a complete diagnosis as they did not study it as a medicine that's why i am trying to understand my self on my own which i know is quite complicated.


Where do you live? I may be able to find a practitioner for you...

Also the energy healing aspect of our system, Tong Ren Therapy, is available for free online to anyone with a computer via live broadcasts at Tong Ren Station .com . You can use that service to obtain treatment via a very effective system.



I am only a student in chinese medicine but a couple of months ago I read a book from Dr. Daoshing Ni in Los Angeles who specializes in infertility. He has dealt with many women with infertility issues that have tried IVF in the past unsuccessfully. You might also want to consult with him for more help or maybe at least get the book. It is titled 'Tao of Infertility', in there he explains reasons of infertility from the chinese medicine point of view, how it helped many women, suggests some dos and don'ts, diets, acupressure points and specific exercises to do when you try to become pregnant. If you have been trying unsucessfully for 3 years now I definitely suggest at least consulting with him for another opinion.


Thank you for your answers , i just want to be more specific about the color of the rings around my eyes because i read that the rings that are due to kidney deficiency are bluish while mine are dark brown , and i have had weak sight since childhood, i reached puberty at fourteen and had my period every too months some times three until i reached eighteen after seeing a doctor who gave me progesterone pills my period started coming every months



I been dealing with upper back pain. It seems to start when I ovulate and subside when I finish my cycle. So, for two weeks, I have upper back pain. I have tried work-outs and laying on the floor.

If there is any way you can suggest anything, I would greatly appreciate it.

Good Day,


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