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Acid reflux


I have a 60 year old female client who initally came to see me for back pain- 3 weeks in she tells me that for the last 3 years she suffers terrible acid reflux, onset each year around the fall time of year. She cannot sleep as thats when it immediatley happend however can lie prone during the day. She is currently sleeping sitting more or less upright. She eats a mostly raw and vegan diet and is otherwise in good health

Any ideas?


Before you ask questions about treatment you should first supply the following:

1) What is the patients overall diagnosis from a TCM perspective (or whatever perspective you use)? - along with the supporting signs and symptoms.

2) What have you tried previously with other patients and/or with this patient which makes you feel like you need additional treatment ideas?

3) How long have you been treating this patient and why you feel your current treatment plan is not adequate?

In general I would say she should consider adding cooked foods into her diet, perhaps just around fall if that is truly the -only- time that she has reflux.


Hi there

I have only just started with this client and she has been taking Nexium as advised by her dr. She claims to have seen a TCM dr before this and been trying herbal remedies without any positive effect - althrough she couldnt remember exactly what and is getting back to me on that.

Perviously I have used herbs and apple cider vinegar successfully - but with her insistance that this will not help her I am asking what others may have tried.

Thank you for your responce


I would ask your client if she recalls a particularly stressful event prior to the onset of acid reflux. Thinking about the meridian clock, the meridian most involved in the stress response is Triple Warmer, active 9-11 PM. It sits in polarity to Spleen, active 9-11 AM. Stomach is the yang partner to spleen, and it&#39s adjacent time is 7-9 AM. When there is a stress related imbalance the first to be impacted are spleen/pancreas and stomach.

In some clients there is more imbalance that shows up in the yin, or Spleen meridian. In others, it shows up more readily in the Stomach meridian. I would wonder if she has a yin or a yang pattern in terms of the meridians that are first to show an imbalance.

In any case, there are many Eden Energy Medicine exercises that help bring more balance to TW/Spleen, and thus to the body overall. A simple one is the Spleen hug. Bring the right hand around to hold the left corner of the waist over the spleen and its meridian. Bring the left hand to hold the right elbow on the pathway of the Triple Warmer meridian. Take deep breaths, drop the shoulders, and let the body release some stress.

It&#39s also good to "flush" triple warmer. That is, trace it backwards from the temple through the shoulder, elbow, wrist, and off the ring finger. Then do the same on the other side. There are several variations of this simple destressing activity. But these two exercises are a good beginning.

It&#39s important to remind clients that stress is involved in 99 44/100ths % of all discomfort, pain, and disease. Further, thoughts generate a good deal of this stress. Triple Warmer&#39s question is "Am I Safe?" Any fearful thoughts - whether about personal symptoms, finances, or what the leader of North Korea threatens - will all notify Triple Warmer that it needs to work hard just to keep you alive. Increasing consciousness of thinking patterns is an important step in healing whatever the diagnosis.


It is hard to know what the root case is without more information. It is interesting that onset of episodes of acid reflux occur in the fall. I wonder if there is an emotional base as stated by the previous comment or a weakened ST/SP from excessive summer activities, foods not kind to the St/Sp such cold summers drinks, too much raw cold foods or very spicy foods. You would have to ask more behavioural questions.

However, in my experience, ST acid problems are often due to a ST heat from SP/ST qi or yin deficiency or LV overacting on SP/ST. Needling St44 to reduce heat, Ren 12 & 13 to regulate St qi and points to tonify ST/SP and harmonize ST/SP/LV (St36, Sp3or4, Lv13) work well for my patients. I also add some nutritional counselling and herbal formulas for chronic conditions based on a more investigative detailed diagnosis.


I would first ask the madam complaining about acid reflux to stop raw foods. Perhaps this case may be having spleen Qi deficiency or sinking spleen Qi. Look for symptoms of spleen Qi deficiency and tone if required.


I agree with the other posts about decreasing the amounts of raw foods the client is eating. If she is having acid reflux as described, then her body is not processing the foods properly. Even light steaming would probably help. If she insists on remaining on a raw food diet, suggest that she add foods like ginger that are warming and balance out the cold of the raw foods. It will also help the digestion process. I would also suggest she adds drinking warm teas (mint, ginger, etc) after her meals. Adding 1 tsp of baking soda at least 3 times a week into her diet can also help acid reflux by balancing the body&#39s ph levels. I have had good success treating acid reflux by having my clients incorporate these dietary suggestions into their daily routine on top of receiving regular acupucnture sessions focusing on the spleen and stomach and draining heat out of the system. Energetic wise, tapping on CV 17 and doing several minutes of qigong after meels where the patient sinks their qi also seems to help.

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