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Acid reflux


Male 35years old. Employed.

Main complain: abdominal pain due to gastritis&acid reflux. Duration of the pain has been about 6months. pain comes when hungry & after eating. pain is usually around St25 area (left side more). Constant pain, irritating. taking meds from doctor for acid blocker and pain relief. Experiencing weight gain, doing lots of football training 3 times per week.

sometimes feeling heavy and bloating.

Current med: mebeverine (135mg 3 per day)

I have seen him 3 times for acupuncture. Once per week.

Pulses: Superficial, slippery st/sp, full, normal rate

Tongue: red dots on rears and tip (observed slight teethmarks on 3rd treatment, but not on first & second) Third treatment, he was very tired, due to hectic and stressful week, sleep very late and eat late.)

Pale - pink body not swollen


Sp qi xu

Heat in stomach, liver

Blood xu

Treatment principle:

Tonify sp

Clear heat in st&liv

Nourish blood

Points used:

St 36 & Sp 6

Ren12 & St 25

Liv 3 &Li 4


* Should i use P6 to harmonise Stomach, relieves pain & rectifies qi

*Should i use St 40/43/44/45 to drain st fire or Liv 2 reduce fire in liver to treat acid regurtation irritability please????

Many Thanx


Point combinations such as the four gates (LV 3 and LI 4) are quite moving. So if your overall treatment goal is to build SP deficiency you want to do that first before moving stagnation. In other words you either build or move, but not both. Your goal is to figure out what part is the root and what part is the symptoms, correctly chosen you will only have to do one or the other and everything should resolve.

Treatment wise then I would focus in the building and add in some of the calm the spirit points such as PC 6, PC 7 and/or HT 7 and leave out the four gates for now unless you feel the diagnosis is more stagnation and less deficiency. If that is the case, leave out the building points and move the stagnation first.

Once you have a clearer diagnosis you may also want to consider some different herbal formulas as they are often very helpful for this range of conditions. If you read the Acid Reflux page you will see a list of the most common TCM formulas.


Dear Mr Dupuis,

Thank you very much for your help and advises! I saw him again last night and his stomach pain didnt happen for 5 days until Monday! Pain came back around 5pm, but the pain was less than before. He did feel so energetic the day after the treatment from last week, until last night (4th treatment).

Apparently, he drinks lucozade alot, because he thinks that energy drinks make him more energetic for his football training!Well! i did tell him that to stop taking them, but he seemed not convinced!!

He has stoped taking the western meds after my last treatment, and observed no pain. I will see him again next week, i will apply P6/Ht 7

His qi pulse was more stronger than blood pulse

Kind Regards,

Thanh Ton


St channel is through heart, and looks like you have heart burn sym., try more heart channel ( PC or Ht ) points in your treatment is help your problem, and stop football practise have more relax exercise is also helpful.


Dear Mr Feng Mei,

Thank you for your reply!


Thanh Ton


**Sp3- great for reflux,
Ren 13- focus on sphincter issues,
Ren 12,
St36- moves qi and tonifies middle
All good for reflux whether from def or excess
Add these to rest of treatment ( w/ focus on root issues)and you should get good results

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