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Achilles tendonitis


What are the points to successfully treat achilles tendonitis? The pain started in the middle night and began to affect anything I do that requires impact, but yet some days it doesn't hurt at all. Is there specific points that can be used when in pain and others to prevent the pain from coming? I went 18 months with no pain after being treated with acupuncture from a practitioner and now I need to self manage the pain? Can you help? The pain can come out of nowhere with no activity instigating the pain.

Thanking you in advance


I have treated this with a lot of success. I use ahi points, and flanking the achilles with about 6 needles- 3 per side. Then maybe palpate the calf and see how tight it is up there. The gastrocs may be tight pulling up on it. Hook up some e-stim. If the problem persists after having gone away, I would heavily look into the shoes you are wearing.


I have many patients with this problem. You should try bloodly cupping from Taixi KI3.

If this doesn't work,then try to make e-acupuncture straight to the tendon. You must also use ashi point right down from the heel or put moxa. It's very painfull.


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