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Accupunture &a DVT


Hi, I recently had ACL surgery (3 weeks ago) and was doing fine , started PT then following week started accupunture , after the second time with accupunture (that night) I ended up in the hospital with DVT , do you think after 3 weeks into surgery this is just a coincidence or has anything to do with my accupunture treatment ?


Why would you think it has anything to do with acupuncture vs the simple fact that you had a major surgery and aggressive pt work to increase rom and tear apart scar tissue? There is no way possible that acupuncture, properly applied by a fully trained Chinese Medicine practitioner, can cause a dvt.


Ok Thanks for confirming to me what I know is true , I am a big advocate of accupunture , having it done for almost 20years . But having these complications , is all new to me, so my mind wondered and it went there , but I new better . Actually I have an appointment on Thursday to have another acupuncture treatment to unblock these clots.


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