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Accupressure and cancer


Hello, I don't know why yet but my condition is not good. I went to hospital but until now I have now diagnosis which could explain what my problem is. I'm loosing muscles, my hair falls out easily, have a fungal skin infection, in general the quality of skin is bad, mainly have watery stools, some lymph nodes are swollen, irregular menstruation, mood swings etc. I live in a foreign country recently so everybody just thinks that my problem is too much stress but I'm not sure if it's possible to thin down like that even though my appetite is good and eat well. I also went to a chinese doctor and he's prescribed me some medicine for qi and blood deficiency. It seems my digestion system is weak and my body can't use nutrition from food well. I'll go to other tests soon because I might have a problem with pancreas function.

I'd like to help myself so I try accupressure to boost my immune system, help qi and blood to move and ease my digestion. I use SP9, LI4, LI11, ST36, SP4 and LV3. I was also thinking to do T1-T4 (immunity) and T7-T10 (pancreas, liver and stomach) as well. I'm just afraid if it is safe to do acupressure in my condition since there's still a possibility I might have a cancer and I read yesterday that shiatsu and lymphatic massage for example shouldn't be done with cancer patients. On the other hand Tong Ren also heals by opening stagnation in body points although indirectly, on a doll. I'm puzzled now. Besides that I also practice some qigong and taichi.


The points are good, it is better add Du 20 with Si Sen Cong, use fingers knock 200 times(lightly) twice daily. the medicine should be "Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang +- ".


I would first recommend that you ask the Chinese doctor you saw these questions as he is most familiar with your case. For example, the symptoms of hair falling out and thinness (and "stress") could easily indicate kidney yin deficiency (or in western terms a possibly thyroid problem), the formula suggested above bu zhong yi qi wan" would make you worse. It&#39s difficult to read into the posts too much but generally if your appetite is good and you eat well then your qi and blood are fine - now yours might be low from the diarrhea depending on how long that has been going on. If your appetite is good and your are menstruating monthly (if irregular) then your qi and blood are probably fine and I would look for another diagnosis for the thinness and hair failling out - if your periods are only a few times a year then you are most likely blood deficient and your appetite is good to help you build your body up. If your hair is falling out due to malnutrition the formula might be helpful but you may need some more moderate herbal formulas until your system can use the tonifying nature of a formula like that. What is the formula your Chinese doctor gave you? and has it helped? and if so, in what way? While we can give pointers in forums if there is anyone locally who can physically inspect you they are good people to ask these questions to...

With regards to acupressure, tuina, etc. with cancer you do not need to worry. Massage generally is very helpful for cancer patients, the only somewhat rare contraindications are to avoid obvious things like deep massage directly over lymph nodes that are cancerous, etc. Anything you can do to yourself will be fine... And keep up with the Tai Chi and Qi Gong but be careful to not overdo it and take it easy if you are tired. Similar to my point below about LV 3, moving too much energy (which tai chi and qi gong do) while you are weak will not help you build. Often simple standing meditation focusing on CV 6 is best.

Tong Ren is another great modality that you can do to yourself or you can attend any of the online classes via

The acupuncture points you listed are fine, but again you want a very clear diagnosis from the person who saw you. If your diagnosis is qi and blood deficiency then I would focus on ST 36, PC 6, SP 6, and CV 6 perhaps with moxibustion if you can find some (your Chinese practitioner should have a roll to give you). While points like LV 3 would be helpful for the irregular menstruation and stress it is a moving point and if you are truly that weak you want to make it simple on your body and build before you try to resolve stagnation.


Hair fall out means too much stress or anxious with liver Qi stag., water stool means spleen Qi def., probably your problem is because Liver Qi stag. and attack Spleen to make Spleen Qi def. and make you middle jiao Qi go down( Zhong Qi Xia Xian), so you have water stool, for Zhong Qi Xia Xian the best formula is " Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang or Wan", the best treatment for water stool is moxa Du 20 and ST36, 37, 39.


You need before a stomatologic control with xray fo all tees.

After they, will probably find imflamated segments on your rot .

Contact a endotical docktor to make you rot cleaning chanel.

In 6 mounths you will like new.



Thanks for your replies, they are very useful. The doctor I went to is the one here in the hospital. He asked me many questions, checked my tongue (I myself can notice teethmarks) but he did no pulse diagnosis. The diagnosis was 気血不足 which means qi and blood deficiency. The medicine I was prescribed to is ツムラ41補中益気湯. It contents ginger, licorice, bupleurum root, angelica, citrus unshiu peel, jujube, etc. I use it about a month and I can see improving in my mood, also the last menstruation came in time (rather small amount of blood), but there&#39s no significant change in digestion. The stool is more watery when I go in the morning but seem to be harder when I go in the evening, a lot of gas tend to come out. I have no stomach pain but sometimes the abdomen is distended. Recently I can also notice phlegm in the throat. The test I went to the hospital doesn&#39t show any abnormalities, in short, according to the western medicine I&#39m quite healthy.


The teethmarks on the tongue are generally from spleen qi deficiency so that fits with the diagnosis your practitioner came up with. The formula looks like it is working to resolve stagnation and build your qi and blood which would be appropriate overall. By "no significant" change in digestion - do you mean elimination (i.e. the watery stools) or are you talking about some other symptom - or that you simply do not feel stronger? I ask because you initially mention no digestive problems other than an assumed inability to get nutrients from food which may or may not be the case.

The morning diarrhea can be weak kidneys or some type of digestive problem - if the stools are watery in the am but firm up later you are more than likely on the right track. I would suspect you would need to be on the formula that you are taking now for at least 3 months before these symptoms would more completely resolve....

What does your current practitioner think about the watery stools?

I wish you the best, it sounds like you are in good hands, some of these things simply take time...


Yes, I meant that the stool is still watery. On the other hand, I don&#39t know how to desribe it, but I was having a feeling of moving and sound in my bowels, sometimes I felt like there&#39s some water in there which is better now. Also, I always had problems with bowel movement when being away from home, going every two days but now I go every day even though the consistency isn&#39t the best one. My practitioner thinks that I&#39m overthinking, overstressed and have homesickness so he recommended me to speek with my family much more and told me to try to relax.


I went to another practicioner today because I wanted to try a proper examination with pulse diagnosis. The practitioner said that the medicine I&#39m using, the one mentioned above, is a proper one, plus I should also take something for qi stagnation. He wanted to prescribe it to me but I couldn&#39t afford it because I can&#39t use national health insurance at that place. I&#39ll try to ask my regular practitioner if he could prescribe it.

I&#39d say my condition has improved since I wrote the last time. Stools are not that watery and they are kind of formed, even though a little bit sticky and there&#39s a lot of gas going out. But hemorrhoids are worse now. I keep doing qi qong and shiatsu on some points. I have gained some body fat but still can&#39t build up muscles. Mood is much more better compared to October when I was locking my room and avoided people. The problem is food because sometimes I don&#39t have enough time to cook by myself or eat white flour products . Also I can&#39t avoid coffee and fight with sweet tooth.


Your situation is much better now, I think you can keep going on the "Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang", and the hemorrhoid will use an other TCM medicine to treat, something like Zhi Chuang Gao or Bai Zhi Ling. Coffee is good for health but not too much.


Hello. I&#39d like to inform you how I&#39m doing. I&#39ve started going to qi gong healing. Until now I&#39ve been there for about 15 times and my condition is getting better, I believe. For the first time when the practitioner was giving me "a massage", I did feel pain in so many places but it&#39s much better now. For the first time I was told I may have a gynecological problem and the most problematic areas were K, LI, GB and ST. I&#39d say that liver and GB have improved a lot. The most problematic are still the kidneys. I still have teethmarks on the tongue. Also blood is stagnated I&#39d say because I have blood cloth during menstruation and in general the blood amount is small. Blood circulation is not good as well because I suffer from cold limbs quite often. My chi seems to be also cold. About the kidneys, I read that heating a pebble and putting it into navel until it cools down may strenghten the kidneys. Do you think it may be true? There&#39s no kidney meridian there.



I noticed your progression on from your conditions, how has your body treated you these past two months? You had mentioned that you had pain in several places? Do you recall those spots or meridian points?

Eric Winter


I was visiting a qi gong master. He was giving me some kind of qi gong massage. I went there about 20 times. I am back in my country now so I can&#39t go there any longer. It&#39s a bity because it was the most helpful healing I&#39ve ever experienced. To tell you the truth I didn&#39t believe the master wholly when I was told about the gynecological problem but I visited a gynecologist and found out he was quite right. I had a polypus. Recently I do sometimes da peng gong, tai chi, tongren and a breathing technique. I still feel my kindeys are weaker but I hope it&#39ll improve over the time.



That&#39s good your getting better from the Qi Gong. Are your hands/feet sweating and are they often cold? If your hands are getting sweaty often under stress (sympathetic state) then your kidneys are not retaining the water properly. I would suggest to keep away from any acidic properties such as coffee or anything that will stimulate your sympathetic state. The Qi Gong will help you to sustain a proper balance in your parasympathetic state. Also, try consuming beets in a salad or a beverage; this will detox all toxins, consume artichoke (the root) after boiling it or try echinacea ( refer to a book:The Holistic Herbal Directory)

-How has the muscle development being going?

Best of Health

Eric Winter

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