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About the use of Master, Coupled Points of Extraordinary Vessels


It is said that for male patients you have to needle the Master Point on the left side and the Coupled Point on the right( for female patients it is said to be the reverse). For example, for Du Mai vessel you needle Master Point SI 3 on the left side and then the Coupled Point UB 62 on the right side, as said. My question is, does this kind of one sided needling create any left-right disharmony or it is all right to do as said?Or, there is any other method of using the Extraordinary Vessels? Thanks


These specifications are largely two fold - one aspect is directing energy from the stronger side based on gender, the other is clinical experience. In general the Japanese systems tend to use less needles and be more minimalist/finesse oriented. In some cases then you needle what is the stronger side per gender. There are as many other systems however where bilateral is just as acknowledged and yet others that have more definitive diagnostic procedures that would have you use the weakest and/or strongest meridian based on that individual at that given time. The extraordinary vessel treatments section has more details.


Thank you very much, Mr. Dupuis for your kind eloquent reply.This will be of enormous help for us. If, however, we manipulate both left and right sides of the same point(bilateral), can we expect the same,if delayed, result?
This specific use of the Governing Vessel seems very important as this offers us the opportunity to treat patients suffering from neurological problems like post stroke symptoms and similar disabilities.In expectation of further professional expert advices from you. Thanks again,
Best regards
M.Mayeenul Islam (Munna)


As the other part of my answer indicated the bilateral vs. unilateral vs. gender specific equation really is a choice. What works best comes with clinical experience. Personally, in our system we nearly universally treat bilaterally but we also make extensive use of huatuo points as well. But that is just what we do and what we see the best response with - within our system of point selection. Others would have very different experiences, which is a great part of our medicine.


Thank you so much, Mr.Dupuis. Your kind reply gives an extensive insight into the subject.
Best regardsMunna (M.Mayeenul Islam)


For my own 2 cents…I’ve been playing around with extraordinary vessel treatments for a few years now on myself and in my experience bilateral treatments feel more balanced to me. I use the magnets with ion pumping cords, I have not in fact experimented with how needles alone would work but I have no reason to believe it would be any different.


Thanks a lot,SirMunna


If Mother Points like LI11,ST41,HT9,SI3,UB67,PC9,TH3,GB43 do not have any tonifying effect, what alternatives can be relied upon in case I really need to tonify those Meridians, as SP3 has been suggested in place of SP2.Thank youMunna ( M.Mayeenul Islam)


Well that depends on how you are using the extraordinary vessels. One thing to consider is that they are creating broad changes at a low level behind the major meridians. Because of this the general ideas of tonify and disperse to not apply either at all or in quite the same way as they would with non extraordinary vessel treatments. Another side of that is the use of regular diagnostically relevant treatment points along with the extraordinary vessels. This is certainly common. So taking something like the Yin Wei Mai points - it would not be uncommon to use ST 36 or even possibly SP 3 along with these points to increase and/or direct the tonifying aspect of the extraordinary vessel movement.


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Thank you so much, Mr.Dupuis. Your kind reply gives an extensive insight into the subject.
Best regardsMunna (M.Mayeenul Islam)

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