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My son (13 yo) have had health problems since 03.2017 and wanted to visit TCM practitioner by himself in hope that acupuncture would help him. I wrote an email to the Dr. to let him know that he is coming alone and about his problems/symptoms and that he has relapsed. The Dr. probably did not read my mail and the boy probably didn`t complain enough because my son said that the Dr. spent with him under 10 min, said that there is no need for next visit and put the needles in. Next day I wrote to the Dr. and asked if my son is now healthy by TCM and he answered that by my sons pulse and tongue his fine. My son has told me that he never looked at his tongue so I sent his tonguephoto and the description of problems to the Dr. and have now been conformed by email that my sons tongue looked just fine at the time of his visit and its common that tongue is different at different times of the day and that my son has now Liver Qi stagnation. Is it possible that someones tongue changes that quickly? Is it usual practice to do acupuncture to someone who is “fine”?
Sorry about my english.


What are you sons problems?


Thank you for asking. Now its only fatigue (he sleeps or lies in his bed for most of the day), constipation, pianoplayer handmovements, sometimes dilated pupils, neck streching and some handwashing OCD. In march 2018 he had a catatonic episode, pain in his left eye, suddenly couldn`t tie his shoes and button his shirt, stiff gait, choreaphorm movements, head and neck tics, dilated pupils, it seemed that he could not hear properly and his OCD got as bad as at the beginning of this strange illness (all started with sudden onset fatigue and OCD etc more than a year ago, he then had almost every PANS/PITANDS symptom ). This year he was homebound for almost three weeks after the relapse in march because of these movements and tics. These movements were still partially there when he visited his TCM doc.
All the best and thank you
Still sorry for my english


Those are definitely treatable conditions, but you are not looking at accomplishing much with one treatment and I cannot imagine a practitioner who knew this history who would tell you your son is fine (at all, let alone after one treatment). This a significant set of events that would likely take 9 months to a few years of consistent acupuncture treatment with consistent herbal therapy as well to resolve. There would likely be improvement within 2-5 months, but this range of conditions takes quite some time. Cognitive behavioral therapy would also be recommended, possibly in conjunction with general counseling. I would strongly suggest you find a competent TCM doctor in your area, ideally who has experience with neurological and psychiatric conditions.


Thank You for the answer and all the best.


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