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About Ganglion (Cyst Ganglion)


Hello Friends,

When a subject has ganglion (on the dorsum of the hand), there is prescribed in some literature that you can treat inserting needles directly in the wall of the cyst, after you lift and trust several times. Leave the needle 10-15´ and at the end apply moxa. Of course with a sterile technique. Does anyone did this type of treatment? If yes, and precaution or recomendations ?




Everything you stated appears to be correct? Have you had instances where these techniques have not helped?

In many cases Ganglion Cysts will often disappear on their own given enough time, acupuncture and moxibustion and used to speed up this natural process and to treat those that are more recalcitrant.

You may also want to read the article within the Japanese Acupuncture section titled "Thread Moxa For Indurations" for related techniques.


Thanks Dr. Chad,

It helped most of times but I just wanted to know about your opinion and experience... And I red the section it is very interesing....

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