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Abdominal swelling


I have had digestive issues on and off for some time, but managed to get them under control with the help of my chiropractor. I recently moved and the issues have flared back up. I tend to retain water in my lower abdomen and inner thighs. The inner thighs are getting better, but the swelling in the abdomen is not. There are days it seems to be much worse. I have abdominal swelling, intermittent diarrhea, constant feeling of fullness, decreased appetite, and headaches. The swelling seems to get worse in the evening as well. I have not found a chiropractor in my area yet, and was wondering if there were any herbal formulas or anything that could be suggested to help.


Generally heaviness with the majority of your other symptoms is attributed to what we call "dampness" in Chinese Medicine which ultimately arises from a weak digestive function (or spleen qi deficiency). The fluid accumulation and other signs, however, can also come from kidney yang deficiency. Do you feel cold more often than not? How is your energy level overall? What times is it strongest? What times weakest? Any other digestive problems such as reflux? Also if you look at your tongue, does it appear swollen? are there teethmarks on the sides? and does it have a thick white (or yellow) coating on it?


I am almost always cold. I have a hard time staying warm. My energy tends to be low, a few times my chiropractor has put me on adrenal support supplements which tends to help. When I do have energy, it tends to be in the evening time, with late afternoon when it will really drop. I don't have reflux or anything like that. When I touch my abdomen, at times it can be sore. I have never really looked at my tongue closely, but I think it might be a little swollen with more white toward the back of it.


By your answers of Dr. Chad&#39s questions, I think the most reasons of waterly phlegm inside your body are spleen and kidney yang deficiency. The best formula are Ling Gui Zhu Gan Tang and Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan. Acupuncture points: Sp6, 9,10, Ren 4,6,12, St 25, 36. Ub19, 20,21,23. Du 4.


Thanks so much! Are both of those herb combinations available on here? I found JIn Gui Shen Qi Wan, but not the other one.


I agree this can be treated very well with Chinese medicine, but reading your mail, I started thinking you have a food allergy. Why don&#39t you cut out all wheat for one week (not easy), and see if your symptoms get better. You can do the same with all dairy products. I would try this first, why treating something that could be avoided? Feel better!!


To cut down water intake in general and make sure to stay away from cold/ raw food is also a pretty good idea in your case. Dairys won't help either!
Good luck!


I didn&#39t realize that about the water intake. Everyone kept telling me to drink more help to help flush it out. Thanks for your help. I appreciate it!


In TCM, the spleen has the function to move the waterly nutrition to support whole body. If spleen deficiency specially Yang deficiency(no enough power to move all waterly nutrition), the waterly thing will become phlegm and stay in stomach or abdomen more and more cause swell, In TCM the kidney has the function to control urnation drain the water out of body, if kidney deficinecy specially kidney yang deficinecy, the body will feel waterly cold and no energy. So the Ling Gui Zhu Gan Tang is for Spleen function, and Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan is for Kidney Yang deficinecy, you also can order them online, just go


On our site we only offer the formulas that we use the most and are relatively safe to use. Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan is there as you found as it is a classic kidney remedy. If you wanted something more mild to help move some of the fluid and lightly tonify the spleen, Bao He Wan is more than likely enough for your symptoms.


I&#39ll second that about too much raw/cold foods - particularly lettuce/salads, too much water, and excessive dairy. Too much water will simply flood your system. My article on the spleen system may be informative for you regarding these dietary aspects.

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