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Abdomen displacement


My wife is diagnosed with abdomen displacement(large intestine) because of which it affects its yin element lung. She got severe wheezing problem and sputum accumulation inside her lung. Her body is swollen. We have been treating for months in acupuncture but she couldn’t even feel a little difference. please suggest me on how to proceed with this case.


Please describe the treatment you have been providing in detail and your general reasoning for choosing such points. How many treatments have you done in that time frame and how frequently.


Hi Dupuis,

I’m not giving the treatment but getting treatment from a trained acupuncturist. To my knowledge, they are treating the LU1, ST36, LIV2or3 and few points on the index finger that which I dont know. She took treatment for some 7-8 times. She is feeling some difference for 2-3 days after the treatment(something like body pain is reduced but the wheezing has not controlled). But after 2-3 days, her condition returns to the old state.


Then I would ask your trained acupuncturist to contact us and discuss the case if they feel they do not know how to help her. Generally you would have to incorporate more damp/phlegm clearing points, possibly with moxabustion, before you start strengthening her system to avoid driving the imbalance deeper. It would best for the acupuncturist to ask these questions, so I would suggest you point them to this forum to do so.

It would depend whether she has phlegm cold or phlegm heat among other factors and your acupuncturist should know these things.


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