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A very specific question


Hi there. I am hoping some of the experts here can share some knowledge on a very embarrasing subject. I really don't know where to go but hopefully some of you can shed some light.

Background story:

I am a gay who enjoys anal sex and for the past two years, I have been suffering from chronic "Anal Fissure". Anal Fissure is basically a "tear" inside the anus and usually on the sphincter or around that at North or South point. I don't know exactly how I "tear" myself as I don't do anal sex often. It could be a combination of sex, dehydration (used to drink too much coffee), hard stool and some kind of intestine disease that I don't know about.

I have been to two doctors and they prescribed me some ointment. I have somewhat successfully healed the tear in 2.5 months this year from June to August. I joined a very good Anal Fissure forum and was on a very strict Diet and Routine (stool softener, water, sitz bath, fish oil, etc). I was so happy!

However, in mid August, I somehow caused another tear. This time is different. It's not severe to the point that I was "bleeding". I haven't bled after bowel movement for months but I can feel the skin inside the anus is irritated. It feels "raw" and tender. It lingers on for a full month until it got a bit better. I was worried. I thought maybe it was some kind of disease or something.

I got STD test and came back negatives. And the fact that it got better means that my regular Routine has helped but very very slowly.


The ointment I am using is called nitroglycerin 0.2%. Its main effect is just to relax the internal sphincter to hopefully promote blood flow to that area. I read the name for the pressure point around anus is called "Dark Eye" or something? Dark means that that area gets the least amount of Blood Flow?

I know I can heal this but I need more ways. I am already on ointment (but can't be on it too long). I am already trying to do some exercise to promote blood flow and I am also soaking my butt in warm water.

The reason I am posting here is that I want to know if there are certain pressure points in my body that can trigger blood flow to the anus area. I know this is a weird question but I've always believe Chinese Acupuncture is very good at treating long-term illness or symptom. I really don't want to do surgery to cut the internal sphincter a bit loose. I know my sphincter is tighter than most. As I age, the skin tone in that area gets weaker and when sphincter is very tight, blood circulation in that area is very poor.

This is NOT a joke thread. There are many people like us who suffer from chronic Anal Fissure or a combination of Anal Fissure and Hemorrhoids. It is an awful thing to suffer from but we are afraid to talk about.

Please help!


It is common for anal fissures to recur, but the underlying causes can be treated very well with Chinese Medicine which allows more time for the tissue to heal. While the sexual activity is likely a contributing factor, the general cause of anal fissures is constipation over long periods of time. From a Chinese Medicine perspective to properly treat this you need to fix the underlying contributing factors such as the constipation - along with many other things your practitioner will ask about. And even though you did some of the dietary changes and medical constipation treatment before the stronger western medicine approaches rarely treat the underlying condition well - i.e. they help for awhile but don&#39t resolve the causes. In fact, generally speaking the western approaches (i.e. straight laxatives, etc.) tend to actually contribute to the causes more than they help in many cases. While there are some basic acupressure points that would be somewhat helpful (LI 11 being one), you should consult directly with a practitioner in your area. Generally speaking a combination of dietary change and herbal medicine along with acupuncture and tuina massage will not only get better results but much quicker than standalone approaches.


Thanks for the reply.

I think my very first few anal fissure occurences (which last for about 1-3 weeks) were caused by dehybration and maybe constipation but for the past few months since my last anal fissure, I have been eating oat meal which makes my stool pretty soft.

My current anal fissure is probably caused by sex but the healing process seems to take longer than before.

I read that it&#39s because the scarred tissues are formed and they may last a long time or forever. I do have a good stretching exercise trying to rub the scarred tissue away so the natural skin below it can heal probably.

I do not know much about pressure points. L1 11. I&#39ll need to research more about it!

As you can see, this is a very strange problem to describe to a practitioner. :( My current problem is considered "healed" for most people who are suffering from anal fissure for years because I no longer bleed and I can have normal bowel movement. However, I need it to heal up more so I can have sex. This is why I am looking for more ways for blood circulation in that area.


One question. Do I just press LI 11 to promote "chi" to there? And chi brings blood circulation to there?


Your thinking is somewhat flawed with the idea of blood circulation. You should see a practitioner who can properly diagnose you and then they will be able to give you dietary, lifestyle and acupressure recommendations that are directly tailored to you as a whole person. The way to let the area heal is not just to bring circulation there (in fact, depending on how that is done - i.e. straining during bowel movements for example, can be damaging and not productive). How you heal it is to deal with all of the causes (i.e. the basis of Chinese Medicine) - not be dealing with the end result (i.e. the basic of western medicine - or linear model thinking).

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