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A natural cure for pleurisy


I would like to ask for a recommendation for a natural medicine product that will cure pleurisy that is related to pulmonary embolisms. I am taking Nattobiotic now for my blood clotting. I was diagnosed with pleurisy 6 months ago and was prescribed anti biotics. Now I wish for a natural supplement to be certain that the pleurisy is under control.

Thank you Joey Renner


Pleurisy is treated within Chinese Medicine (with acupuncture and herbal medicine), however, you would need to consult directly with a practitioner to obtain the proper treatment. For general reasons why, see "What Does Acupuncture Treat?". In short, there are multiple diagnostic patterns from a TCM perspective that can have as a principle component the western diagnosis of pleurisy. Proper diagnosis is key as the treatment will be for the diagnosis overall, not the individual "symptom".

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