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7 yrs. Glaucoma!


Warm greetings!

Can acupuncture treat a patient having glaucoma for seven years? She is now 25 yrs of age, she experience many treatment, but it fails. She is also totally blind since 19 yrs old until the present. I already referred from your Glaucoma Treatment protocols, but i want to know first, that can acupuncture treat this kind of glaucoma having dead cells from her eyes?




The healing potential of the body is ultimately nothing short of amazing, so there is generally always a potential for change within any condition. Try the appropriate treatment as prescribed within the conditions treated section, adding strong tuina in the area of the huatuo of C3, SI 16, and LI 18. These areas effect the ocular nerves and generally increase the response from the standard TCM style diagnoses and treatments offered within the conditions treated section.

Use the acupuncture treatment for glaucoma article to come to a base diagnosis and then utilize the points above which come from the Tam Healing system.

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