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7 years Infertility and recurrent miscarriage


Hello, my name is Rosie and I’ve been actively ttc for 7 years. In that time, I have had 3 miscarriages- two in 2011, and I’m going through one as I type this.
I recently started reading about TCM and it makes so much sense to me. Most of my symptoms are explained under Kidney Yin deficiency and Blood Stasis (if I understand it right). Night sweats, insomnia, frequent headaches, very painful (but very regular) periods with clots, hot body during ovulation, constipation.
The problem is that where I live (Nigeria) there are no TCM practitioners (at least none that I’ve found, and I’ve looked and asked) so I think acupuncture might be off the books for me. I would love some help with what herbs to buy off of this website because it seems a few of the herbs have overlapping functions.

I found a list:
Liu Wei Di Huang Wan
Dang gui
Bai Shao
Cu Pai Luan
Jian Gu Tang

Please help, am I on the right track? Or is there some other formula to take?

I’m going to be 35 in November, I’m 5’7", and I weigh 90kg.

Thank you in anticipation of any help I can get.


Hi Rosie,
While Chinese medicine and herbal formulas can certainly help, it is very important to see an acupuncturist or herbalist in person. Since you’ve already said there is no one local, I really can’t recommend any specific herbs or formulas. Yes some of the symptoms you mentioned can relate with Kidney Yin deficiency, but they could also be from liver blood deficiency. Chinese medicine is not like western medicine where you match certain drugs for specific symptoms. It crucially important to match the formula to the appropriate underlying pattern(s) which is nearly impossible to do via correspondence and why it is generally a bad idea to try to diagnose yourself.

I can however give you some suggestions for your diet. Try to eat lots of root vegetables, in particular beets if they are available. You should also try to make sure you get some red meat in your diet at least a few times a week if possible. Soups make with bones or eating the bone marrow directly would also likely help.


Thank you so much! I’ll try to see a TCM practitioner when I come to the US in June. I’ll put your suggestions into practice immediately. I’m very grateful for your advice.


Since time is somewhat of the essence, can you send a picture of your tongue - this would help guide you a bit further (knowing that we can only guide so much without seeing you physically). I also have a few questions:

  1. You mention your cycles are regular - how long are they though? and how many days do you generally bleed for? When does the severe cramping start and stop usually (a few days before to 1 day in, or?)

  2. How far along were you when you miscarried each time? and how much time was there between pregnancies?

  3. How long have you had the nightsweats? How long have you had the painful cycles?

  4. Did you conceive naturally those 3 times? or were you using western medicine, herbal treatment or other avenues?

I’ll try to help as much as I can. I have treated patients very similar to your situation before and they did conceive naturally and carry to term. One had 6 miscarriages in a row before we started treating her and all worked out fine. Another had 2 miscarriages, 3 failed IVF, 6 failed IUI’s over many years and that worked out well also. There have been many other complicated cases and the majority work out well. Fertility is complicated, however, and treatment can take 2-5 months up to 15 months or possibly longer depending on the case. But there is always hope and the fact that you got pregnant recently (and previously) - even though you miscarried, is good news compared to not knowing if you can conceive.


Chad, I LOVE YOU! Thank you sooooooo much, you don’t know how much this means to me. Hugs!!!

To answer your questions:

  1. My cycles last 28-30 days. Period flows for 5-6 days (the 6th day is more of a precaution, rather than a full flow day. I always get very dark brown bleed on the 6th day). The pain is on the day of day 1 (I get the cramps just before the bleeding starts), and sometimes on day 3 as well.

  2. The first and last miscarriages were at 6+ weeks. Both times my positives were weak, both on urine and blood tests (in Nigeria, only qualitative HCG is done, so I never knew my numbers). The 2nd miscarriage was immediately after the first, I didn’t get my period before finding out. I would estimate 4weeks for that. The first two were in 2011, this last one is still ongoing (I’m still bleeding).

3)The painful cycles started the first day I ever had my period, maybe 22 years ago. I’ve always had them. The night sweats are a more recent development. They don’t happen regularly though, and I always sleep in a cold room.

4)I always conceived naturally. I should add that I had 2 fibroids removed in 2011, just before I got pregnant (6 weeks after), and they haven’t resurfaced. Also, I’m really dry down there, I don’t remember if I used this the last times I got pregnant, but this time around I was using Evening Primrose Oil to get my egg whites, and I did. I don’t get fertile CM on my own.


Thank you for all of the information. With the caveat that someone who can physically inspect you and treat you has many advantages - I would suggest you start with ba zhen wan (for spleen blood and qi deficiency) with a small amount of xiao yao wan (liver qi stagnation, harmonizing). This would be particularly useful following the current miscarriage as you will tend towards blood deficiency. In teapills (if you were a patient of mine) you would do something along the lines of 7 ba zhen wan with 3 xiao yao wan 3 times a day with meals.

If after starting this you get considerably hot or if the nightsweats increase, then another approach would be called for. But at least as an initial treatment this should be good. When you do start your next cycle (if you are not pregnant again quickly) you would not take the herbs while you are menstruating as they can increase the flow at that time. That combination should get you heading in a direction where you are stronger internally - then if you get a chance to see someone in June they can possibly work with you further. There are a few acupuncturists in the larger cities in nigeria and a couple who do fertility if that is easier - I can send you a personal message with their information if you would like to go that route (I don’t know them personally though, so I cannot vouch for their abilities).


Thank you, Chad! I appreciate your time. Yes, please, by all means send me the information you have on the acupuncturists here. I would love to see one as soon as possible. Thank you again. I will purchase the items now and start them as soon as possible.

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