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5 elements theory


Hi I was wondering if someone could tell me if I am getting this right or not. One element is excess so there are going to be TWO that are deficient. Then, the mother and son is to also be considered. The son is going to draw from the mother and the mother will need to be tonified and the son sedated. So first tonify the mother and sedate the son. Then tonify the deficient elements/organs and sedate the excess. This may be over simplified. But am I making sense ?


You are oversimplifying the theory in how it would play out clinically, but, yes, in a theoretical written sense you are correct. The five element theory gets somewhat elaborate particularly when you get into the overacting and insulting cycles.

Reading through some of the five phase treatments as they are done within Japanese acupuncture will give you a broader perspective I think.


I wish I knew a lot more. There’s a TCM “university” online that charges $600 for class. IDK if there is financial assistance but I don’t see how something like this can be simply learned online. You have to look at “live” people. Faces, tongues, take pulses. How do you do that online.


You are right, you can’t really learn online and truth be told the value of all of this is small if you are not planning on becoming a Chinese Medicine practitioner. The real ability to work with these theories only comes after years and years of direct clinical experience and even with that it is a lifetime of continual development.


I attended Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, where they teach a high calibre of just a few specialties. The acupuncture program is a doctorate, you’re tuition, & supplies are covered by loans & grants, & you get a bit of disbursements on top of that per semester.


IDK of any schools around here. There is a woman that does practice and charges $170 per visit, and AFAIK there is no community program. On my $50 per week to live on. Well I think that’s out of the question. Disability is really no fun. :frowning:


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