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27 year old male and having acne


Hello, I wonder if anybody can be of help here. I am 27, male and still having acne. My problem areas are the neck, around the ears, the temples and around the cheekbone. Other symptoms I also experience include some hair loss and a pink tongue with white coating. Also after urinating, I always feel an urge to re-empty my bladder. When I pull up my zips, I then feel the urge to unzip and urinate again and sure enough, there would always be a few drops of urine exiting. I have read some material so far and I'm thinking there could be a kidney weakness? Can over-masturbation play a part? I started the habit since very young (perhaps as young as 4-5). How can I restore balance? What about diet? Any form of advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.


You have a mixed pattern which, if you were to take herbs, would require someone to see you in person to form a correct diagnosis. But I will give you some general ideas about your condition.

First, acne is most often heat working it's way out of the body. Acne nearly always has heat as a causative factor in Chinese Medicine. This heat is also what is likely behind your drive for masturbation. So it is likely that you have had some underlying heat issues for some time.

You also have, as you have found through reading, a kidney deficiency pattern. And, yes, excessive ejaculation will weaken the kidney system over time. (similar response here worth reading).

Now the difficult part here (and why you need to be seen by someone) is you need to know which one is the cause and which one is the effect, basically. This requires looking at more signs and going over your health history.

Generally for the deficiency you need tonifying herbs, foods, and, exercises like qi gong and tai chi are very helpful as well. But if you tonify too strongly or the heat is the underlying causative factor, then you can greatly worsen your condition. In most cases you need to clear the heat first and then work on tonification. This, however, could also worsen your condition if the deficiency is the causative factor as clearing the heat may pull energy out increasing the deficiency.

Most practitioners would do a little of both at the same time and over a period of time you will be able to both clear the excess heat and build the deeper deficiency.



I also have the same problem.I am trying to erase the acne and found your suggestion.If it make helpful to me......thanks


I have the same problem

i heard that the body and liver's inability to uptake and deactivate is a cause for acne. western perspective obviously. is there acupressure points i could use to treat my hormonal imbalance that you know of?


The idea of a toxic liver is common in Chinese Medicine, we call it Liver Qi Stagnation and it can be a cause of acne (and many other conditions) - there are other patterns though so treatment requires you seeing someone and receiving a proper diagnosis. If you look at the LV Qi Stagnation section, you can experiment with many of the points listed as acupressure points.

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