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1 week spermatorrhea hangover


I'm suffering a problem of spermatorrhea. Specifically I think it's an over release of histamine;

weak and any aching muscle that I weren't aware of before suddenly are there, I have to stretch a lot more.
the worst though is lack of cognition. I don't see and observe things like I used to. I have to take great care when crossing the street when before I'd know where the cars are without needing to look. It's like I've gone from high definition to viewing life through a 640x400 webcam.

There's so many herbs listed for this:

lian zi (lotus seed),
Bai Guo (Ginkgo Nut)
Fu Pen Zi (Chinese Raspberry)
Jin Ying Zi (Cherokee Rosehip)
Qian Shi (Euryale Seed)
Shan Zhu Yu (Asiatic Cornelian Cherry Fruit)
Wu Wei Zi (Schisandra Fruit/Seed)

But there is no mix of these available. I don't want to buy them all because you have to buy so much.

Can any of the healing sound QiGong exercises help me here? What are the related meridian lines?

Background info: The only other problem I have is what I think is a haemmoroid on the join of the large intestine to the colon. I had it checked out with ultra sound and they diagnosed only a bruised muscle. But there was no solution offered and it's still here after a year so how can a bruised muscle continue like this?

Is there a phsycological aspect? Is it all in my head?
Well, the symptoms described here last for a week. After this I begin to feel like myself again. However, it takes a full 2 months to be firing on all cylinders again. The haemeroid discomfort (I wouldn't call it pain) it there thoughout and mostly not related, but does go away if I don't eat.
I put down the 1st week to over release of something and the 2 month full recovery to normal jing recharging.

I prefer not to ejaculate. I can adjust to this and I have managed to stop myself ejaculating in my sleep. But my partner can't get her head around it. Relationship issues aside, I'd like to get this fixed.


Most cases are related to Kidney Yin Deficiency but you should really see a practitioner locally to get a proper diagnosis. The main differentiating factors between Kidney Yang and Kidney Yin deficiency are that with yang deficiency you are cold, weak, loose stools, etc. and may have spermatorrhea and with yin deficiency (far more common) you are hot, more so at night, perhaps even night sweats, constipated/dry stools, agitated, hyperactive and may have spermatorrhea.

Certainly as a consumer, but even as a practitioner, Chinese herbs are rarely used alone and you almost never build a formula simply because it seems like that mix of herbs should work - there is quite a bit of theory that is needed to build formulas within Chinese Medicine. Anyhow, formulas such as Lui Wei Di Huang Wan for Kidney Yin Deficiency or Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan for Kidney Yang Deficiency (that also benefits/buffers the yin) are the usual starting points. There are, of course, many others that may be better for your mix of symptoms which is why it is important to see someone locally if at all possible.


Irritable means heart fire too strong, spermatorrhea means kidney yin deficiency, the both symptoms together mean heart and kidney(fire and water) not in harmoney condition, so the best formula should be: " Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan", acupuncture points: Ht7, Ub15, Sp6, Ub23, Kd7, Kd 3, (Anmian).

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