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TCM and nutrition (4)
Large Intestine issues of many kinds (3)
Youth & TCM: learning (3)
Spreading TCM to scientific community and beyond (3)
Chinese weather theory (4)
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Organs a 5 elements (4)
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Treatment for Ovarian Cysts-contraindications (4)
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Point stimulator for facial acupuncture? (3)
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Hiatus Hernia treatment please help it's for my son (5)
Needling technique (7)
Practicing acupuncture on cruise ships (4)
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Enlarged prosrate treatmen (3)
Herpes help, from management to wiping out the virus (5)
FLAT WARTS- treatment strategies (4)
Pain in left mid calf (3)
Cluster headaches (suicide headaches) (6)
Pain at lower back (3)
Working on a cruise ship as a Massage Therapist (3)
Manaka acupuncture (4)
Chronic Sinusitis (6)
Dramatic relief of colon cancer pain in terminal patient wit metastatic liver, peritoneal, and lungs using press cups in Japanese method (3)
Carpal tunnel syndrome (3)
Hand tremor herbal treatment (3)
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